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Career coaches work with you to set your career goals and work with you on professional development. A career coach can work with you on career transition, career planning, career development, and career management. Through career coaching you can find what you love to do and get paid to do it, create a career plan, improve skills, and make more money. Career coaching is also for those who seek to work in alignment with their true purpose and be successful in doing so. When you love what you do it no longer feels like work and the money just comes! We also offer Enneagram Assessments. Understand which of nine types you are and how this affects your performance at work!

Career Development and Management

When we talk about career development we are most often talking about career advancement, better pay, and skill development. A coach partners with you to achieve these specific goals. We work with you to create a strategy and plan to ensure you get what you want. 

Career Transition

Looking for a career change?  A coach is there to help you uncover your truest desires with regard to your life’s work. Once uncovered, we together create a strategy that enables you to transition easily and effectively. We ensure you choose the career path that will bring you true happiness.

Loss of Employment

Recently layed off? Fired? No problem. This is an opportunity. We will asses where you are now and where you would really like to be. Then we will put a strategy and plan together to get you there in just three weeks!

Career Planning

Are you ready to choose a career? Career coaching takes away the confusion in career planning. A career coach will work with you to ensure you find the career path that reflects your innermost desires and true self. We will together create a career strategy and plan in just three sessions!


Teens are often asked to make lifelong decisions about what they would like to study in college—even before they have a chance to drive. A coach can engage a teen in an unbiased, zero-expectations, non-pressured way that encourages them to dig deeper in their heart-of-hearts to find what it is that really sets their world on fire. These insights are invaluable sign-posts on the road that leads to a major decision in that young person’s life.

Enneagram Assessments

Describes 9 different personality types or ego structures (all wildly different). This assessment gives us a lot of insight into how each types operates in the world, as business managers, in relationships, with finances, etc. Once you see your world view through this systems you will be helped in many areas of your life.

Enneagram Institute
Enneagram Institute

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