Illness Coaching: Take Change of Your Diagnosis and Recovery With Your Coach.


Being diagnosed with an illness can be a drag. There’s a lot to manage: emotions, information, advice, research, multiple opinions, energy and designing an approach to manage your illness. Illness Coaching enables you to take charge of your diagnosis, see new solutions and find motivation to manage your recovery. This can be especially rewarding for insulin resistance, IBS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, adrenal exhaustion or fatigue, diabetes management, chronic illness management and illness prevention for the future.

Illness Discovery and Diagnosis

We take a holistic approach and help you to do the same. We help you uncover options you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

Illness Management

We encourage you to take responsibilty and create a strategy for management and/or recovery. We also help you to find the motivation to recover and/or manage. A coach will not tell you what to do like so many people in your life may want to at this time. A coach will enable you to use your creativity, strength and intuition to make choices and take action to strengthen yourself.

Get control...


 "Illness and adversity strip away the superficialities in our daily lives, bringing us face-to-face with the bare essentials in Life.  These difficult and unexpected developments are one more way we are introduced to the larger Mystery of Life." - Joe Anthony, Manual for Self-Mastery