Stress Relief Coaching: Learn Stress Management & Reduction and Prevent Burnout!


Learn stress management & reduction approaches that best suit you and prevent burnout. The coach approach to stress uncovers the real cause of our stress. Stress is a symptom an indication that we are out of alignment. So, how can a coach help? A coach will empower you to take control:

The Real Cause

If we are stressed and decide to exercise more to relieve the stress, this is great we are relieving some of the stress, but we haven’t gone deep enough to uncover the cause. Sometimes too we believe the cause is one thing, often an outside force, when actually is it is caused by something inside of us. Identifying the real cause of the stress is the first step in stress management. Often the real cause is buried deep within. The coaching process unveils these hidden monsters.

Stress Reduction

We will list the actions that could work for you by taking into consideration your whole life. We will look at your tolerations and your boundaries. A new you will undoubtedly reveal itself through this process.

Stress Management

Once we know the cause and the solution we will make a plan. This plan will guide you on a weekly and yearly basis inclusive of goals and a means of measuring your success.

Get control of your life...


"Stress management lies in having a sense of meaning, purpose." - Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"Adrenaline is...a nasty habit that creates a lifestyle. To get the rush, humans do soul-damaging things: overworking, acting greedily, insisting on getting ahead or winning, keeping self in survival mode in order to have something to win at, and so on."- Coach U, "The CoachU Personal and Corporate Coach Training Handbook"

"Stress is not caused by your busy life or challenging circumstances, it's simply the result of an imbalance between silence and activity."  - Jerry Thomas