Results oriented weight loss & health management coaching enables you to change your habits for life! Having studied at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) in London, run by the nutrition guru and author, Patrick Holford, and obtained a Weight Loss Coaching certification, I offer wellness coaching programs for health and wellness management and weight loss. Weight loss & weight management coaching offers a holistic approach to weight loss for life. Our weight loss program will help you lose weight and keep it off for life. We consider long-term health management and find your true motivation for healthy living.

Holistic Health Strategy and Plan

Being holistic we consider lifestyle, nutrition, ailments, blocks, metabolic state, mental/emotional strength, thought processes, motivations, and much more. We also get to the cause of any particularly unhealthy habits. And then we create a Holistic Health Plan with wellness goals that are tailored to your specific needs and are appropriately matched up with your personal motivations that we uncover during our sessions. We also offer options for improving your mental and physical health through optimum nutrition.

Diet, Nutrition and Weight Management Strategy and Plan

Everyone is different. Each of us has a chemical makeup that has been uniquely altered by environmental factors, illnesses and medications, nutritional intake, and activity levels. So when it comes to losing weight why do we all buy into these one-size-fits-all “diets” for weight loss? It’s clearly the appeal of the quick fix, which is what most fad diets offer. Fad diets help us lose weight in the short term but they don’t keep us thin forever, and they may very well alter the chemical state of your system to such an extent that it takes years to reverse and causes more weight gain in the future. We believe that you can create your ultimate diet with knowledge from the approaches of other individuals, but there are some basic things one should understand about his or her own unique biological and chemical state that will serve as a springboard to understanding how to create the approach suited to your unique self. Included are options for improving your mental and physical health through optimum nutrition.


We address motivation in each of the programs above. This is where we will go deeper to uncover your motivation to stick to your plan. Motivation drives momentum and momentum ensures your goals are met. This is a process of self-discovery. Get Healthy!...


Steve: Sales Manager/Family Business, St. Louis

"Ally’s knowledge regarding nutrition, weight management and wellness enabled me to drop 12 pounds in four weeks. Even better, I have changed the way and what I eat for good."


Excerpts from Leslie Kenton’s book, "The X-Factor Diet"

"The agricultural revolution began some 10,000 years ago, although it did not peak until 2000 BC. Our art, craftsmanship, science and great religions would never have been possible without the high degree of urbanization that growing grains and vegetable hybrids and domesticating livestock made possible. Collect people together en masse and you need to feed them within a small area. This meant relying heavily on carbohydrates—mostly in the form of starchy vegetables like potatoes, and cereal crops like rice and wheat, which came to be seen as the ’staff of life’."

"By 4000 years ago, when the agricultural revolution was in full swing, an enormous amount of degeneration had already taken place. Men and women had shrunk in height. Dental decay and malformation of the jaw had become widespread. Disease epidemics shortened the human lifespan. This moment in history marks the beginning of what we nowadays call the diseases of civilization, including obesity. At that time, however, the growth of such distortions in human health were looked upon as evils sent by God rather than the consequence of a less-than-optimal-diet. A few cultures even came to value the fat that grew on people’s bodies—believing it to be a sign of abundance and power."

"By the end of the 17th century, high-carbohydrate diets had become the norm among corpulent European aristocrats, for it was primarily the wealthy that could indulge their cravings for sweet, fluffy foods"

The result we still deal with today and on an ever-increasing scale is called insulin resistance. This must be reversed if one is ever to get weight fluctuations under control.